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Strap Slide-Strap Adjustment

  • ITEM NUMBER: 1138
  • SIZE : 1-1/2’’、2’’
  • COLOR SELECTION: Metal Black、Nickel Plate、Gun Metal Matte、Antique Copper、Antique Brass、Copper、Antique Nickel
  • Product description:

    Adjustable straps with sliding buckle! Offering the ultimate in comfort and customization for all your strap adjustment needs. Our slide buckles come in two different shapes and are the perfect accessory for any garment or accessory that requires an adjustable strap.

Product Detail

Product Detail

Designed for the modern user, our sliding buckles feature a sleek and compact design that blends seamlessly into any outfit or accessory. Whether you're adjusting your backpack or tote, our sliding buckles make it easy to achieve the perfect fit. Gone are the days when traditional buckles or knots would leave your straps either too loose or too tight. With our sliding buckle, you can easily adjust it on the go, ensuring comfort and security every time.

One of the outstanding features of our sliders is the oval shape of the product. This gives you the freedom to choose a design that best suits your personal style and aesthetic preferences. Whether you prefer a classic look or want to add a touch of modern flair to your accessories, our sliding buckles have you covered.

In addition to its style and ease of use, our sliding buckles are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Our products are durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a fashionista, or just looking for an easier way to adjust your straps, our sliding buckles have you covered.

With its stylish design, intuitive functionality, and durable construction, this product is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a perfect fit with ease. There are also any color variations for you to choose from.

1138-53 1-1/2'' Antique Nickel 18.6g
1138-63 2'' 19.9g
1138-54 1-1/2'' Antique Copper 18.6g
1138-64 2'' 19.9g
1138-55 1-1/2'' Gun Metal Matte 18.6g
1138-65 2'' 19.9g
1138-56 1-1/2'' Metal Black 18.6g
1138-03 1-1/2'' Copper 18.6g
1138-04 2'' 19.9g
1138-11 1-1/2'' Antique Brass 18.6g
1138-12 2'' 19.9g
1138--47 2'' Nickel Plate 19.9g