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Multi-color double-sided magnetic buckle

  • ITEM NUMBER: 1120
  • SIZE : 3/4", 5/8", 1"
  • COLOR SELECTION: Nickel Plate、Antique Brass、Antique Nickel、Antique Copper、Gun Metal Matte、Gloss Black、Brass Plate
  • Product description:

    The innovative design of this magnetic buckle combines function and beauty, making it the best choice for both practicality and style. The sleek, minimalist look adds a touch of elegance to every leather bag, enhancing the overall look. Whether you’re heading out for a casual outing or a formal event, our buckles enhance the appeal of your bag, making it a unique accessory.

Product Detail

Product Detail

Magnetic Bag Clasp-Backpack Decoration

Our magnetic clasps are crafted with precision and durability in mind to ensure a secure hold on your leather bag. Made of high-quality materials to withstand daily use and keep your belongings safe and protected. Say goodbye to cumbersome traditional fasteners, which are time-consuming and troublesome. With our magnetic clasp, you can easily secure your bag in seconds.

In addition to visual appeal, magnetic clasps offer unparalleled convenience. Unlike traditional buckles that require two hands to fasten, our magnetic closure system easily secures with just one hand. This convenient feature allows you to access your bag quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for personal use on the go. Whether you're in a hurry to catch a train or need quick access to essentials, our magnetic clasps guarantee a worry-free experience.

The installation of our magnetic buckles is very simple and does not require much effort. No special tools required! Simply align the magnetic pieces on the outside and inside of the bag and the buckle will snap into place. Its simple installation process ensures that anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can easily upgrade their bag with our magnetic closure system.

Whether you're a fashion-forward trendsetter or a pragmatic person looking for greater convenience, our magnetic clasp is the perfect addition to your bag. With its innovative design, reliability and ease of use, this buckle is sure to revolutionize the way you secure your bags.

1299-01 3/4'' Nickel Plate 9g
1299-04 Copper
1299-05 Rainbow Plate

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Product Tags