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Double-sided rivets – Press fit – Multi-color

  • ITEM NUMBER: 11340
  • SIZE : 3/8''、7/16''
  • COLOR SELECTION: Nickel Plate、Brass Plate
  • Product description:

    Double-sided rivets are designed to make your life easier, allowing you to secure leather without any tools. With just a push of one hand, you can quickly attach these rivets to your purse, bag, or any other item that needs a secure fastening.

Product Detail

Product Detail

One of the standout features of these rivets is their double-sided design. Unlike standard rivets that need to be fastened to both sides of the material, our double-sided rivets only need to be fastened from one side. No more fumbling to hold the sides of the material in place when trying to screw in traditional rivets.

To add beauty to your accessories, use a rounded design with a sleek, polished round tip that blends seamlessly with your belongings, adding a professional and stylish touch. Its tool-free installation feature. No need to invest in an expensive rivet gun or hammer. Our rivets are designed to be manually pressed for quick and easy installation. With just one hand, you can hold your items safely.

The durability of these rivets is second to none, made from the highest quality materials and crafted with care. Whether you're securing a delicate purse or a heavy luggage bag, you can use this rivet when joining faceted leather, choosing the right post length and embedding it into the leather.

Our double-sided rivets aren't just for wallets. They can also be used in a variety of other applications such as backpacks, handbags, belts, and even DIY projects. Their versatility allows you to explore a variety of creative possibilities and add a professional touch to your designs. Plus, the round toe design adds a touch of elegance to your luggage or bag. The smooth, polished surface enhances the overall aesthetic and complements any style or design. Once attached, double-sided rivets securely hold the leather together.

11340-00 3/8'' Nickel Plate 0.8g 9mm
11341-00 7/16'' 0.9g 11mm
11340-01 3/8'' Brass Plate 0.8g 9mm
11341-01 7/16'' 0.9g 11mm

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Product Tags