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Stamp Set – English Letters – Leather Carving

  • ITEM NUMBER: 8131-00
  • PRODUCT SIZE: 24.75x21.57x16.9mm,94.12x2.82x2.82mm
  • PACKAGE SIZE AND NET GROSS WEIGHT: 248.95x187.45x20.72mm,18.7g、87.1g
  • Product description:

    Introducing our newest product, Alphabet Stamp Sets! Designed with 26 letter stamps and a stamp tool, this set is perfect for a variety of creative projects and events.There are 26 square-headed English letter stamps in the set, and a long rod stamping tool, which can be assembled directly without additional purchase.

Product Detail

Product Detail

Each stamp is made of zinc alloy material to ensure the lettering is crisp and clear every time it is used. Stamp Tool is also designed to make stamping easy and efficient. Simply select the letters you want and use the tool to press them onto your desired surface.

The stamp tool is a metal rod made of iron. Insert it into the slot behind the stamp to form a stamp that can be made at any time. Using our other product rubber hammer, the pattern on the stamp can be perfectly printed on the leather.

This set of stamps is suitable for stamping functions in leather products. You can print your name or any product logo design on the leather, stamp your mark and create a unique artwork.

In our company, we are committed to providing high quality products and excellent customer service. We are confident that our alphabet stamp sets will exceed your expectations and enhance your creative journey.

In conclusion, our alphabet stamp set is the perfect tool for anyone who likes to create and experiment with designs. With 26 letters to choose from and a handy stamp tool, the possibilities are endless. Use it for craft projects, or just as a fun way to express yourself creatively. Whatever your needs, our Alphabet Stamp Sets have it all. Order today and take your creativity to the next level!