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Natural Wood Finish Electric Edging and Creasing Machine

  • ITEM NUMBER: 3980-06
  • SIZE: 6.5x10x 6"
  • Product description:

    The electric edging and creasing machine is a remarkable tool that, through advanced technology and exquisite design, brings more joy and production efficiency to leatherworkers.

Product Detail

Product Detail

The electric edging and creasing machine is a remarkable tool that combines advanced technology with exquisite design, offering leatherworkers a unique creative experience and enhanced production efficiency.

The design of this electric edging and creasing machine is striking. It comes equipped with 10 tips and a beautiful wooden display stand for storing the machine, iron, and interchangeable tips. This design not only ensures a tidy and organized workspace but also reflects care and respect for the artisan's working environment.

With a temperature range of up to 900 degrees, this machine plays a crucial role in various leather production processes. Whether for standard creasing work or sealing the edges of vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned leather, this machine excels. The high temperature range not only ensures efficiency and accuracy but also provides artisans with greater flexibility and creative space.

Using the electric edging and creasing machine brings many benefits. Firstly, it improves the quality of leather products. Through precise creasing and edge treatment, the products' edges become neater and smoother, enhancing overall aesthetics and sophistication. Secondly, this machine enhances the efficiency of artisanal work. Traditional manual creasing work requires a significant amount of time and effort, while the use of electric machines greatly saves time, allowing artisans to focus more on design and creativity.

In addition to its functional advantages, the electric edging and creasing machine embodies innovation and development in the modern leather industry. It is not just a tool but a symbol representing artisans' pursuit of quality and excellence. This innovative tool revitalizes the leather manufacturing industry, injecting modern energy and vitality into traditional craftsmanship.

3980-06 6.5 x10x 6" 1.62kg 110v AC / 50 Hz