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Child Safety Scissors – Facilitate a safer and more secure manual process

  • PRODUCT SIZE: 6.3 x 0.6 x 2.5 inches
  • Product description:

    Introducing our safe and lightweight children’s scissors, thoughtfully designed to inspire and fuel your child’s dreams of handicraft creations.

Product Detail

Product Detail

The best scissors in your kid’s classroom! Our Kid's Safety Scissors - the perfect crafting tool designed specifically for young, curious minds! As a parent, there's nothing quite as heartwarming as witnessing your child channel their inner artist. Our scissors ensure they do so securely, preventing any pinches or injuries to their small hands.

Crafted with safety in mind, our children's scissors are perfect for kids aged 5 to 8. They feature rounded tips for safety and easy-grip handles specifically engineered for small hands. These scissors aren't just safe and functional; they also come in a multitude of fun patterns and vibrant colors that appeal to the kids, thereby encouraging their creativity.

The blades on our children's scissors are constructed from sturdy steel with shorter, rounded ends, significantly reducing any risk of harm, even in the case of accidental pokes. Their lightweight and easy-grip design offer children superior control, further minimizing any injury risk.

What sets our scissors apart is the delightful variety of patterns and designs. From adorable animals and cool sports patterns to beautiful flowers and charming cartoon characters, we have something for every child's unique taste. This not only fuels their creativity but also makes their crafting experience more enjoyable.

While our Kid's Scissors are designed with maximum safety considerations, parental supervision is recommended, especially for beginners. Teach them how to hold the scissors correctly and introduce them to different materials like construction paper, cardstock, or foam. With the right guidance, they will soon master the art of safe and creative crafting.

It's also important to consider your child's age when choosing scissors. For younger kids, scissors with shorter blades, approximately 5 inches long, are advisable. Older kids might prefer longer scissors capable of cutting through denser materials such as fabric or felt.

We take pride in the durability of our children's scissors. However, please be aware that these scissors should be used strictly for their intended purpose - cutting paper. Discourage children from using them on other materials, as this could compromise their effectiveness.

In our catalog, you'll find a broad range of children's scissors that are both safe, and incredibly durable. Our collection includes the popular blunt-tip scissors available in a plethora of colors and patterns, catering to diverse preferences. Choose our Kid's Scissors for a fun, safe, and creative crafting experience for your children!

length 6.25"/160mm
high 0.59''/15mm
Width 2.56''/65mm
Blade Thickness 0.03''/0.8mm
Set Weight 164.4g
Material ABS handle,stainless steel blade
MOQ 3000 sets
Age 5+
Set lnformation 7blades、1handle